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Baby serval - a baby no more!

14 December 2011

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Look at how Chorley Kamwaza has grown!  Regular readers of Lilongwe Wildlife Centre’s news will know how this little orphan was rescued on the Mozambican border back in August, just 3 months ago (original story).  In the first picture you can see what a tiny limp ball of fluff he was when he first arrived.  But more recent pictures show he’s rather grown up now.  Look at his big ears and long legs, and how the spots on his coat have developed.  He is incredibly energetic, bouncing around his enclosure and hunting in leaves for something to play with.  We will post a video in due course to show just what we mean (the internet is a little too slow here so we are working on it!).

It is thanks to our dedicated volunteers that he has come so far and done so well.  Initially, he was given 24-hour supervision such was the concern for his health, with regular bottle feeds every couple of hours.  A week into his stay he also suffered a horrid tummy upset, probably from the change of diet, and our vet was checking on him constantly.  But he pulled through and has now been weaned off human contact for several weeks.  He has such a healthy appetite these days, which is certainly shown in his huge growth spurt.   

Sadly we have not yet been able to solve the issue of his cataracts.  You can’t quite see from these photos, but both eyes are cloudy and he often bumps into things during his crazy playtimes - evidence that his sight is obviously affected.  It was hoped that the extra nutrients we gave him in his milk would make a difference but this does not seem to be the case so far.  We have had two expert wildlife vets and an eye specialist check him out and at present an operation is deemed too risky.  There is still every hope that he will be released back into the wild where he belongs but this would only be if we were absolutely sure that he could fend for himself.       

If you would like to make a donation to Lilongwe Wildlife Centre you can do so here>. And they’re still looking for volunteers to help us next year.  Please contact for more information.

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