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Mountain Gorillas killed in Virunga National Park

10 August 2007

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The killing of 4 mountain gorillas in the Democratic Republic of Congo this July, has shocked the international conservation community.  

The gorillas were all members of the same group, and included a male “silverback” gorilla (the leader of the group) called Rugendo.  The other three gorillas killed were females, known as Safari, Nzeeza and Mburanumwe.  

Two other gorillas from the group – a female and infant – are also missing.

The mountain gorillas were killed in the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (central Africa).  These deaths follow three other killings earlier this year - bringing the total number of mountain gorillas killed this year to seven.  

It is currently not known what motivated the attacks, or who killed the gorillas.

Mountain gorillas are critically endangered – there are thought to be just 700 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild today, and their distribution is restricted to three countries: the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Rwanda,

The needless death of seven individuals (1% of the entire population) in just seven months, is an indescribable tragedy.

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