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Dave the Dolphin

9 August 2007

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The Born Free Foundation is highly concerned for the welfare of a solitary bottlenose dolphin called ‘Dave’, seen regularly near Folkestone on the South coast of Britain.

Hundreds of members of the public have flocked to see Dave on a daily basis since she was initially spotted in August 2006, and many enter the water in an attempt to get close to the dolphin.

Despite her friendly ‘smile’, Dave is a large, predatory marine mammal and there is significant risk of injury involved to those who choose to feed her or swim with her.  As she becomes more habituated to human contact, the risk of aggression as she begs for food increases.

Dolphins can also carry numerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans, including salmonella.

Please resist the urge to swim with the dolphin, show your appreciation for this fascinating wild animal by respecting her space and observing her from the waterfront.

For more information about this subject see:

or contact Born Free ( for a fact sheet on swimming with dolphins


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