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Hisaronu dolphins – Stop their summer misery

16 June 2010

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Despite a campaign by the Born Free Foundation, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and other animal welfare organisations, as well as the boycott of several tour operators, two dolphins have now arrived in the mountain resort of Hisaronu, Oludeniz in Turkey. Assigned to a pool, no larger than a tennis court (dimensions 22m by 11m, with a depth of 4m), the two bottlenose dolphins, named Micha and Tom, are to spend the whole of the summer at the attraction. Reportedly built by Russian investors, the dolphins will be used by tourists for swim-with activities.
Daniel Turner from the Zoo Check department in Born Free said, "This is yet another example where wild animals are used for entertainment in a money-making venture. Absolutely no regard has been given to the animals, their welfare or indeed their survival. Dolphins suffer physically and psychologically in captivity and become highly stressed by human contact. We are urging members of the public not to visit this popular Turkish mountain resort. Born Free needs the help of the public to close down this facility and ensure these animals are returned to the dolphinarium in Kas, where they were originally housed."
Numerous tour operators, including Thomas Cook, TUI UK and Holidays4U have already boycotted the attraction.

Take Action

Please visit the Free the Oludeniz dolphins Facebook group.

Politely email the people listed below explaining that dolphins are known to suffer in captivity and suffer both physically and psychologically. See Born Free's captive dolphin factsheets for more details.

Inform them that the dimensions of the pool are well below international standards, as well as those set by the travel industry.

Ask that these dolphins are returned to their former location, Kas in Turkey as soon as it is possible to organise their move.

Sign our petition calling for an end to the keeping of dolphins in captivity

For more information or assistance in writing your letter, please do not hesitate to contact

Born Free Foundation
Broadlands Business Campus, Langhurstwood Road
, Horsham, RH12 4QP, UK - Charity Reg. No. 1070906

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