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4 January 2018

Categories: Ensessakotteh News, Rescue News

In 2017, thanks to the generosity of Born Free's supporters, we were able to build a rehabilitation aviary for our rescued birds of prey at Ensessa Kotteh in Ethiopia.

The first release candidate, a tawny eagle named Karria (Amharic for pepper), took up residence and began the rehabilitation process with the hope that she would be able to build enough strength to return to the wild.

The long aviary is specifically designed to encourage flight. It is lined with a protective screening to ensure that any birds undergoing flight training will not harm their feathers if they flap against the sides of the aviary.

Extended periods of captivity can lead to problems with behaviour, and in muscle tone - particularly important for birds. Flight is energetically demanding, and without constant opportunities to fly, birds’ muscles may atrophy. Karria required months of flight training before she was strong enough to be able to fly long distances on her own. Only then was she considered ready for release.

We were delighted that when she was ready for release, and when we opened the door to the enclosure, she took flight into the wild where she belongs.

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