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Behold the Gorgeous Vulturine Guinea Fowl!

24 December 2017

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By Victor Cheruiyot – Meru Project Driver – cheruiyot[at]

Years back, we used to see them in large flocks at dawn and dusk as we undertook our normal duties – desnaring, lion monitoring and general animal welfare – around the western side of Meru National Park. They would be walking or feeding along the roads and animals paths where there are puddles of water.  Today, we can go for months without sighting even one in our area of operation and so when we do, it’s always a joy!

Meru Park is renowned globally for its rich birdlife. An animal count in March this year established about 289 vulturine guinea fowls while in September 2016, slightly above 150 were counted.  They prefer the southern area of the Park which is Acacia-Commiphora bushland and where human activity is limited.

A large terrestrial bird, the vulturine guinea fowl has a small, grey-coloured bare head (similar to a vulture’s) with tuft of velvety brown feathers on the nape and distinct cobalt blue chest.  It bears long legs, the feathers on the neck and chest are long and pointed with white stripes.

Without such birds as the vulturine guinea fowls, the Meru wilderness will be poorer.

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