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Update on Morgan the orca

8 December 2017

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Born Free is deeply disappointed to hear reports that Morgan, an orca kept in captivity at Loro Parque in Tenerife, is pregnant.

The keeping and breeding of orca in captivity is under intense scrutiny worldwide, and SeaWorld - perhaps the world’s largest and most famous exhibitor of captive orca - has recently ended its breeding programme.

However, it has been reported that while SeaWorld recently transferred ownership of several orca to the Loro Parque, SeaWorld’s policy against breeding has not been adopted by the Spanish park.

This latest news from Loro Parque stands in stark contrast to prevailing public attitudes and expert opinion. Whether the infant survives to be born, dies young, or lives to relatively old age (captive orca notoriously do not usually live long lives), unless alternatives become available, Morgan’s calf looks set to spend its life within the confines of a tank.

Born Free is convinced that orca and other cetaceans currently held in captivity should be relocated to purpose-built sea sanctuaries, for lifetime care in a more appropriate environment, and assessment for release to the wild, where possible. Captive breeding should cease and any capture from the wild should be prohibited. 

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