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International conservation conference offers hope for iconic species

23 October 2017

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Lion/Leopard: © George Logan | Chimp: © CSWCT | Giraffe: © Rolano

Born Free is encouraging more than 124 Governments to back important proposals to safeguard the future of iconic wildlife such as elephants, lions, leopards, chimpanzees and giraffes ahead of the start of the 12th Conference of the Parties (CoP12) to the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS).

CMS is the only global agreement between Governments exclusively focused on the conservation of animals who move across international borders. The listing of a species under CMS can help provide a framework within which countries can work together on initiatives and strategies to help conserve that species.  

CoP12 will be held in Manila, Philippines, from 23rd – 28th October 2017 and a team of three senior experts from Born Free will be attending to encourage collaborative conservation efforts – CMS Ambassador and Born Free Wildlife Consultant Ian Redmond OBE; Born Free’s Associate Director for Multilateral Agreements Mark Jones; and Born Free’s Associate Director for Asia Gabriel Fava.

Mark Jones said: “Born Free very much welcomes the ambition of the CMS to bring a number of key species, including lions, leopards, chimpanzees and giraffe, within its mandate. These, and the many other species proposed for listing this year, are in desperate need of collaborative international action to secure their future, and CMS is well placed to coordinate and deliver such action. CoP12 represents a key opportunity to halt the serious decline in many imperilled species.”

Ian Redmond added: “Migratory birds are important to people because they mark the seasons – the first cuckoo of Spring, swallows gathering before flying south in the Autumn – all need conservation of their habitat at both ends of their route. But species that move back and forth across neighbouring countries’ borders are also migratory under the terms of the CMS. Chimpanzees, lions, giraffes all need collaborative action to halt their decline and the CMS is the best global convention to achieve this.”

Other proposals supported by Born Free to be discussed at CoP12 include the creation of an African Carnivores Initiative that would coordinate the conservation of the African lion, leopard, cheetah and wild dog, and the adoption of the African Elephant Action Plan that would set out priorities for the measures most needed to conserve elephants across the continent.

Jones added: “We urge Parties to CMS to support the proposals, and encourage Governments, intergovernmental organisations and others to secure the resources that will be necessary for their implementation.”

Born Free will provide key updates throughout CMS CoP12 on Twitter and Facebook.

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