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Three-foot-long lizard on the loose in Basingstoke

8 August 2017

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Reports have emerged suggesting that a three-foot-long lizard has been spotted on the loose by residents in the Norn Hill area. It is believed to be a monitor lizard, and likely to have been kept as an exotic pet. Some species of monitor lizard can grow up to seven-foot-long. It is thought that none can survive in the UK climate without specialist care. The RSPCA is urging people to keep their distance and to get in contact if they spot the animal.

Born Free is calling on the UK Government to review the current legislation relating to the sale and keeping of exotic animals. Ultimately, we would like to see restrictions on the sale of exotic pets and bans on the trade and keeping of certain species.

Born Free is running Beyond the Bars throughout 2017: our campaign to highlight the plight of wild animals in captivity worldwide. We aim to expose suffering and poor welfare, to increase public awareness, and to call for improvements to legislation covering wild animals in zoos, circuses and kept as pets. For more information, see

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