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Tourists watch in horror as man's head bitten by crocodile at a zoo in Thailand

16 June 2017

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Horrifying footage has emerged of a crocodile biting an animal trainer's head at a zoo in Thailand. 

The video, filmed on Sunday 11th June, shows a man performing in a crocodile show on the island of Ko Samui in Thailand.

During the routine, the man can clearly be seen waving a stick around the crocodile’s mouth before putting his entire head inside; at which point the crocodile suddenly clamps its jaws down and thrashes around. 

A spokesperson for the Born Free Foundation said: 

“We are convinced that, while direct contact between dangerous wild animals and humans continues in captivity, incidents such as these are inevitable; crocodiles are wild, unpredictable animals who can - and do - inflict fatal injuries on people. It is time that idiotic shows such as these are ended, for the sake of animals and people.”

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