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Meet Wadera the serval

24 December 2016

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Servals are distinguished by their surprisingly large ears, spotted fur, long legs, and relatively small head.  Specialized rodents hunters – mice and rats in particular – servals are widely distributed across Africa.  However, like so many wild animals, they face the problem of living in increasingly human-dominated landscapes.

Wadera is our newest arrival at Ensessakotteh and is just 4 or 5 months old. Illegally captured from the forest near Goji, Wadera, in Ethiopia about two weeks ago and destined for the exotic pet trade, he was dehydrated and hungry after the ordeal.

Thanks to the great work of the Border Point Project, Oromia Forestry and Wildlife Enterprises (OFWE) knew of Born Free’s work and contacted us after the man who captured Wadera had tried to sell him to them. OFWE have also now received training from the Ensessakotteh team (Bereket, Tiffanie and Rea) on how to handle and care for rescued animals should this happen again.

Now in the care of our expert team, after a period of rehabilitation, we are optimistic that he will be strong enough to return to the wild later next year.

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