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Born Free Welcomes French Decision to Ban Lion Trophy Imports

23 November 2015

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Born Free welcomed the announcement by France’s environment minister, Ségolène Royal, banning the import of lion heads, paws and skins by trophy hunters.

The decision was made public following the screening of the film ‘Blood Lions’ at the European Parliament in Brussels on 17th November 2015, which had been organised by the Born Free Foundation. The film exposes the cruel and horrific intensive breeding of lions in South Africa for the so-called canned hunting industry.

Public concern about the impacts of trophy hunting has been growing following the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by an American dentist in July 2015.

The European Union is one of the biggest source of hunters and importers of wildlife trophies. Almost 120,000 trophy items were legally imported into the EU between 2003 and 2012, including almost 3,500 lion trophies. France is the third largest trophy importer among EU countries, behind Spain and Germany¹.

Born Free’s Chief Executive Adam Roberts said: “Trophy hunting adds to the pressure on lions and other wild animals already threatened by habitat loss, conflict with people, and trade. This cruel and damaging activity does nothing to enhance species conservation or local communities. We applaud France’s decision, and urge other EU countries to follow suit.”

Born Free continues to work with EU Member States and the European Commission to end the import of all wildlife trophies into the EU.

¹CITES trade statistics derived from the CITES Trade Database, UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge, UK

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