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Internet wildlife trader jailed

7 April 2008

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Born Free received the following news from LAGA (the Last Great Ape Organisation) detailing their latest work for Wildlife Law Enforcement in Cameroon.

"Recently we managed to hit Internet wildlife trade again. An Internet scammer was arrested trying to sell a chimpanzee on the net. He sent a falsified CITES permit for exporting a chimpanzee and we managed to get him arrested as he tried to receive money through the money transfer agency.

Internet fraud is a fast growing criminal activity in Cameroon, contesting Nigeria for the throne. The only court cases we know of hitting Internet fraud in Cameroon were initiated by LAGA, the judiciary is extremely pleased to receive these first cases. LAGA continues to collaborate on more investigations with authorities around the world, flooded with complaints of wildlife Internet trade and fraud from Cameroon. The scammer is locked behind bars.

Apart from this, we have had attempts from the Greek logging company to muzzle the media in an attempt of damage control to its image. We received a worried phone call from the radio news desk reporting three big men threatening him, one claiming to be the lawyer of the logging company.

As a response the Minister of Wildlife and Forestry was on air discussing threats to media in reporting wildlife crime, and prepared a letter to Minister of Communication encouraging the journalists to report the truth amidst the threats. We hope to see the Minister of Communication to discuss this, as just last Month he sent LAGA a letter of congratulations for the Wildlife Justice Magazine initiative. We also produced more radio and TV talk shows for this effect.

Horline has landed this afternoon in South Africa to attend the INECE meeting hoping to increase our collaboration with authorities around the world and get the message across that corruption is the first obstacle to wildlife law enforcement.

If all works fine, I will be in Congo this month to assist in getting some good action done after meetings with the judiciary.

Ofir and the LAGA Family"

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