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Happy Days

6 March 2013

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Wonderful news – Emily Kate, the Born Free Foundation’s young adopted elephant, has just given birth to her very first calf.  Twelve-year old Emily Kate, named by our Patron Martin Clunes after his own daughter, lives with her family in Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya.  The ‘EBs’ have been made world-famous, thanks to the BBC’s popular Echo of the Elephants tv series. 

The birth of the new baby boy was announced by elephant expert Cynthia Moss, director of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants.  Cynthia, who monitors Amboseli’s elephants in the world’s longest-running wild elephant study, has been supported by Born Free for over 20 years.  “The EBs came back to the park yesterday after being away for two months, Cynthia explained, “They came with two new calves and one of them was born to Emily Kate.  It took a while to discover the sex as they were in long grass, but we can now confirm her calf is a male.”

Sadly Emily Kate’s own mother Echo, the remarkable ‘matriarch’ elephant, died of old age in 2009.  Emily Kate will miss her mother’s guidance at this important time, but fortunately she has a very large family to help including several older sisters who are experienced mothers, plus little sister Esprit will be on hand to babysit.

Our Patron, acclaimed actor Martin Clunes, is over the moon.  “What a thrill,” he exclaimed, “It's just so exciting.  I’ve been worrying about Emily Kate, but can now start celebrating. What shall we call him... ‘Martin’ has a nice ring to it?" 

Great idea thanks Martin!  But unfortunately every member of the EB family has to have a name starting with ‘E’. .  In fact Born Free will soon be launching a competition to name Emily Kate’s baby boy, so watch this space!

Stay up to date with how Emily kate and her new baby are getting on by adopting her here.

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