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More confusion over future of Great British Circus and it's animals

22 August 2012

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*Updated 28/08/2012

Following the online publication of an article in Horse and Hound under the headline 'Zebra advertised for sale as circus closes down', the owner of the circus, Martin Lacey, has contacted Born Free and our colleagues at the Captive Wild Animals' Protection Society (CAPS) seeking to clarify the situation.

The report of our demise is premature" Mr Lacey told Born Free. "I do have a proportion of my livestock for sale".

The Horse and Hound website headline now reads "Zebra advertised for sale as circus sells animals". It goes on the report that "new owners are being sought for a group of performing horses and a zebra whose owner has decided to stop using animals in his circus", and continues "Mr Lacey said he was stopping using animals because the Government was seeking to ban the use of wild animals in circuses."

In a message to CAPS, Mr Lacey again confirmed that he is ending the use of animals.

Born Free's position remains unaltered. We would be delighted if Mr Lacey has indeed decided to stop using animals, but recent news items and statements are unclear, and we shall have to wait and see exactly what Mr. Lacey intends to do. If the Great British Circus was to go animal-free, we would wish it renewed success as a showcase for human skills and entertainment. Whatever happens, we remain concerned about the fate of animals such as the tigers which, we contend, are likely to end up moving to circuses abroad in advance of the impending 2015 ban on the use of wild animals in circuses in England.

Together with CAPS, the RSPCA, the BVA and others we continue to urge the Government to abandon plans for a temporary licensing process which would cover the use of wild animals in circuses in the period up to the ban, and to move swiftly to find the Parliamentary time to introduce legislation ending this activity at the earliest opportunity, a move which would be welcomed by the majority of the public and supported by most Parliamentarians.

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