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Playful Cheetah score for wildlife!

11 January 2018

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Video of big cats playing ball launches appeal to get Born Free’s Ethiopia rescue centre match-fit

To mark the BBC’s stunning new three-part series ‘Big Cats’, which kicked-off on Thursday 11th January at 8pm, and in honour of a big weekend for English football, international wildlife charity Born Free has re-released some amazing footage of a team of rescued cheetah having a ‘kickabout’ at their sanctuary home in Ethiopia!

Footage of these incredible cats has been released by Born Free to launch its appeal to raise funds to improve facilities at the charity’s Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre, Ensessa Kotteh, near Addis Ababa, which is a vital sanctuary for hundreds of wild animals in need.

Born Free’s ‘Build a Future for Wildlife’ appeal will fund much-needed improvements to the facilities at the centre, where they have already rescued over 200 animals including cheetah, lions, hyenas, birds of prey and a wide variety of primates. Now the centre desperately needs to renovate and expand the facilities to cope with the growing demand. Every successful rescue means another life to care for, either temporarily before release, or permanently.

The nine big cats in this video were rescued from the illegal wildlife trade, before being brought to Ensessa Kotteh. Snatched from their mothers as young cubs and hand-reared, they would be unable to fend for themselves in the wild, so Born Free provides them with lifetime care in spacious natural enclosures.

In parts of the Middle East cheetah are regarded as status symbols, and some individuals will pay up to US$10,000 for a single cub. Wild cheetah cubs are being captured throughout east Africa to feed this demand and illegally smuggled out of Ethiopia, with a high number dying in transit. The shocking reality is that wild cheetah numbers across the whole of Africa have plummeted to just over 7,000 individuals.

With public support, Born Free will continue to rescue victims of the illegal wildlife trade and give them the safety, security, respect and care they deserve. The welfare of every animal is vitally important and through generous public support Born Free can build new or improved enclosures and offer lifetime care in a safe refuge for even more animals in Ethiopia.

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