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4 October 2017

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After last year’s success the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust in Malawi are taking ‘Elephant I Miss You’ on the road. In the film, a grandfather tells of his one and only encounter with an elephant deep in the bush, and regrets how elephants have since disappeared through his lifetime. A stark reminder of the stories we may one day be telling our own children about when elephants walked the earth.
It was thanks to Born Free’s education grants programme (Global Friends) that the team were able to create this ground breaking film in 2016.

‘Elephant I Miss You’ reached 118,000 Facebook followers, the National Geographic online and was broadcast on the two main national channels in Malawi in the last year alone. With such a wide audience this film is set to have a significant influence on people’s understanding of the impact of poaching on elephants, instilling an appreciation for them and other wildlife.

But, what happens if you have no power, no internet and no television? The answer is a peddle powered cinema road show. With further support from Global Friends this will bring the film to around 3,600 people living alongside six elephant populations in Malawi, people that may not otherwise have the opportunity to see the film but who, apart from the elephants themselves, are most directly impacted by elephant poaching.

Thank you for your support!

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