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Born Free calls for greater protection for forest animals

2 October 2017

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International wildlife charity, Born Free, is calling on the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to ensure greater protection for the rich diversity of animals that live in the world’s forests.

Born Free, which is a member of the FSC, has tabled a Motion at the FSC’s General Assembly to be held in Vancouver, Canada, from 8th to 13th October. If the Motion is adopted, forest managers will be given greater tools to help them minimise or avoid harm to the animals that live in FSC-certified forests when planning and conducting their management activities. 

Ian Redmond OBE, Born Free’s Senior Wildlife Consultant, who will be attending the General Assembly, said: “If the FSC is to live up to its tag-line  ‘Forests for All Forever’, then it must recognise and protect the vitally important role animals play in healthy forest ecosystems. If we ignore the needs of forest-dwelling animals, then forest management can never truly be described as ‘environmentally sustainable’. Neither can it truly be described as being ‘for all’.”

Functional forests are highly complex ecological systems comprising a huge variety of both plants and animals. Many of those animals are key components of forest systems, pollinating plants, distributing nutrients and seeds, clearing areas enabling new trees and other plants to grow and recycling waste. 

Many forest-dwelling animal species are in serious decline through uncontrolled hunting, deforestation and conversion of land to serve ever-increasing human demands. As it seeks to expand its stewardship of the world’s forests, the FSC can play a big role in protecting these beleaguered but essential species. 

Redmond added: “By adopting Motion 27 at its General Assembly, the FSC will achieve  even greater public recognition and support by being seen as an animal-friendly brand. And perhaps even more of us will see the value in seeking out FSC-certified products.”

As an FSC member, Born Free works to bring compassionate conservation considerations into sustainable forestry. Born Free helps protect, conserve and effectively manage the world’s forests to maintain biodiversity and counter climate change. By helping local people and wildlife departments protect primates, elephants, big cats and other key species, Born Free helps maintain healthy ecosystems all over the world for the benefit of both people and wildlife. 

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