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Missing raccoons

6 September 2017

Categories: Zoo Check Campaign News

Two raccoons are still missing following their disappearance from a zoo in Somerset last week.

The raccoons named Bowser and Wookie, who have only been at the zoo since July, reportedly disappeared from their enclosure at Tropiquaria Zoo on the evening of 28th August. According to the Zoo Director, Chris Moiser, it is believed that an intruder had purposefully made a large hole in the cage wire, leading to the animals’ escape. It is not known whether the intention was to release the animals or steal them.

Although raccoons are known to be very resourceful animals, with numerous ‘escaped’ individuals believed to survive in the wild in the UK and across Europe, the welfare of Bowser and Wookie is a real concern; not least because the ‘shoot to kill’ badger cull has just started again in Somerset.

Chris Draper, head of animal welfare for Born Free said: “Incidents such as this escape are happening all too frequently in British zoos, and all too often end in tragedy. We hope that Bowser and Wookie are found safe and well. The security of people and animals in British zoos is a real concern, and Born Free is calling for a fundamental overhaul of the system of licensing and inspecting zoos in this country.”

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