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Spread the Sanctuaries Not Tanks message this Dolphin Day

13 April 2017

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Science is conclusive. Cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) simply are not, and cannot, thrive when kept in tanks. The captive environment is far too restrictive compared to the vast distances and environments that these animals experience in the wild.

  • Restrictive space: Tanks are just a fraction of the natural home range of wild cetaceans (Tyack, 2009). 
  • Social environment: Keeping unrelated individuals together can result in aggression, injury, illness and even death (Waples & Gales, 2002). 
  • Environmental complexity: Captive cetaceans are commonly kept in barren tanks with no enrichment below the water’s surface (Couquiaud, 2005). 
  • Use of tranquillizers: Diazepam is commonly used to control anxiety and stereotypical behaviour in individuals (Knight, 2013). 
  • Threat to wild populations: Wild capture continues to threat local populations and individuals are still taken from the wild to stock dolphinaria in emerging markets including Russia and China (Reeves et al., 2003; Fisher & Reeves, 2005).

This is why last year Born Free launched the #SanctuariesNotTanks campaign, which aims to bring the real facts of dolphin captivity to the attention of the public.

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