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Successful EU Zoo Inquiry launch at European Parliament

25 April 2012

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The EU Zoo Inquiry 2011 was well received at the European Parliament last night (24th April). Members of the European Parliament, officials from the European Commission and Representatives of European Governments, attended a Reception that launched the final report of the EU Zoo Inquiry 2011 –The REPORT FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.

Virginia McKenna OBE, Founder Trustee of the Born Free Foundation and guest speaker in Brussels, provided an overview of Born Free’s work which has focused on improving the welfare of captive wild animals for over 25 years and the effects that captivity has on the wellbeing of wild animals. Will Travers (pic. top), expressed his despair that conditions in zoos have changed little since the implementation of the Zoos Directive, ten years ago. Daniel Turner, Project Manager of the EU Zoo Inquiry, introduced the summary report and explained that many countries have already made improvements to zoo regulations since the publication of their respective EU Zoo Inquiry Country Report but other countries have yet to address the problems identified.

More details on actions taken can be found in the REPORT FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.

Despite the publication of 20 country reports and a summary reviewing the conditions of dolphinaria, the work of the Born Free Foundation has only just begun to help governments of European countries to provide higher welfare standards for animals in zoos.

The Born Free Foundation would like to thank ALDE MEP, Bill Newton Dunn for hosting the event, Chris Davies MEP for his continual support and the European Commission for providing much needed support and guidance to the countries of the European Union.

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