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Egypt Lion Fight

29 June 2011

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Earlier this month, rumours circulated and stories appeared in the press that a man had planned to fight, and maybe even kill, a captive lion during a public ‘fight’ in Egypt.

Born Free called upon contacts in Egypt to investigate the situation to see if these shocking stories were genuine. We were informed that the Egyptian authorities insisted that this fight would not be allowed to take place. However, this weekend, a large cage was erected and a crowd gathered to watch as a lion was brought in to take part in a pathetic display.  

This fight, supposedly between a ‘savage’ lion and the, self proclaimed, ‘World’s strongest man’, was a pathetic sight indeed – the seemingly docile lion just laid there, only reacting when provoked by the man wielding a trident-like weapon. Thankfully the fight was stopped by the Egyptian authorities before any serious injury could be inflicted upon this poor lion.

Born Free is calling on the Egyptian authorities to take appropriate action against this man and the lion’s ‘owner’, who is believed to be one of the main lion breeders in Egypt.

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