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Gary Hodges

World renowned Wildlife Artist, and long term supporter Gary Hodges is the UK’s best selling and most collectable pencil artist. He has sold over 106,000 personally signed and numbered prints from 124 limited editions. Incredibly 113 of these editions have sold out; very few artists working in any medium can make this claim. The remaining eleven editions are available to buy from his website shop.

Over the years the huge demand for Gary’s prints have led to a lucrative secondary market rewarding collectors with more than just the sheer beauty of his drawings. Greenpeace published his very first print in 1987 and the 850 edition then sold for £8.50 each. In recent years that same print “Green Turtle”, has changed hands for up to an incredible £3,500.00 - an investment increase of more than 400 times!

Chris Wright

Shortlisted for the 2010 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year awards

Chris Wright is a professional wildlife artist, whose reputation and client base continues to grow internationally. His life-like, sensitively observed pencil drawings, ranging from ostrich and tigers to buffalo and elephants, are widely admired by collectors and conservationists alike.

As you might expect from someone who works in Born Free’s Conservation Team (as Programmes Officer since 2006), the Foundation is Chris’ chosen charity, with a contribution from every sale of his work going towards Born Free’s field conservation projects. 

His originals and limited edition prints are on sale here, and in galleries throughout East and Southern England. For more details of exhibitions, and to see more of his work, visit

Ian Redmond, OBE and Ambassador for the UN Year of the Gorilla:

“It seems strange that a few pencil lines on a piece of paper can sometimes say more than the millions of pixels in a colour photograph, but if Chris Wright was holding the pencil, they do.”



Art World Conservation

Art world Conservation

The collection was created to help raise awareness about climate change, illegal trade, animal extinction and the impact it has on our lives. The animals were painted life size to give an illusion of virtual reality, so people from all walks of life would be able to appreciate the sheer wonder and natural beauty of these creatures in their environment, and realise how vital it is that we conserve nature and the planet.

The collection portrays some of the world's most endangered species and their habitat. The paintings are like a theatrical backdrop some five meters high like the ‘IMAX’ of  wildlife art. 

By working in partnership with other organisations Art World Conservation aims to give those who do not have the opportunity to visit wild places like the Arctic, an African Savannah or a rainforest, the chance to experience them in virtual reality and to learn about the necessity of the ecosystem they support and the impact it has on our lives.

Art World Conservation will give 10% of any purchases made though their shop to Born Free and Wildlife SOS

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