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Elephant 1
Chopped up for ivory - your gift could stop this horror

Killed in cold blood by rich hunters - help keep lions safe
Cecil the world-famous lion before he was shot dead by a trophy hunter
Skeletons soaked in vats of wine - help stop this abuse of magical tigers
Ten gentle pangolins killed every hour for meat and scales

Every year hundreds of millions of wild animals are killed for their body parts.

Gentle elephants, majestic lions, awesome tigers - each one has a price on their head. Knowing how passionately you care about animals, you’ll be horrified. But demand for ivory, lion ‘trophies’ and tiger bones seems insatiable. This is an emergency, in the rawest, most immediate sense.

The brutal wildlife trade pushes species to extinction and causes unthinkable suffering. Some people callously treat animals as mere ‘commodities’ – to be bought and sold for profit. This deadly industry, fuelled by human greed, is worth billions of pounds. As someone who loves animals for their intrinsic value, you’ll be appalled. But your gift today will help put an end to this exploitation.

You can stop this slaughter – donate today!

At least 35,000 elephants are massacred for their tusks every year. One killed every 15 minutes! Entire families of these immense, intelligent animals gunned down. The ‘ivory business’ is run by highly-organised criminal networks, using automatic weapons and helicopters. Ruthless poachers shoot terrified elephants, then hack off tusks with axes and chainsaws, whether the animal is alive or dead.

Large parts of Africa are running red with elephants’ blood. More than 95% lost in the past century. A terrifying decline largely due to a frenzied blood-lust for ivory. Fuelled by a massive upsurge in demand in China and the Far East, numbers have plummeted to just 420,000 elephants. But you can help stop the carnage today and protect these wise, sensitive animals.

Your gift will help save them

Thousands of lions have also been killed - 50% of these breath-taking, family animals lost in just 25 years. Like Cecil the lion, they’re callously shot by wealthy hunters for ‘sport’, their carcasses exported as grotesque ‘trophies’. Or they are snared and poisoned - dying in intense pain - their bones and body parts traded as medicines or trinkets.

As few as 20,000 precious lions cling to survival across Africa. This radiant, compelling species, on the brink of extinction because of human activity. Your gift will help stop the glorified elite ‘sport’ of hunting and protect wild lions from trade. We can’t stand by while the symbol of Africa is destroyed.

Tigers also urgently need you. The supreme hunter is in extreme crisis. Spell-binding creatures, butchered for fur, bones and other body parts. A gut-wrenching 97% wiped out in the last 100 years. Meanwhile deprived captive tigers are speed-bred in cruel ‘farms’, their skins taxidermied for luxury home décor, skeletons soaked in vats of wine to make ‘health tonics’.

Less familiar is the shy and endearing pangolin, the world’s most illegally-trafficked mammal. The more I learn about these unique animals, the more I want to help them! The only mammal with scales, they curl up tightly when threatened, but have no defence against people. Every year approximately 100,000 are killed and can be chopped up for meat - considered a delicacy and status symbol, or boiled alive - their scales used for medicine. All eight species of this 70-million year old animal are threatened with extinction.

Some of the world’s most charismatic, precious animals are in huge trouble. You may be thinking: ‘What can I do? I’m just one person reading this!’ But your donation today makes a big difference. I’m about to lead a Born Free team at an important international animal trade meeting. This conference will discuss global proposals and decide whether to increase protection for some iconic species, or reduce protection for others.

There is huge pressure from the wealthy ‘pro-trade’ lobby to legally hunt, kill and sell wildlife. But in full force, Born Free will fight on your behalf to save elephants, lions, tigers, pangolins and many other species. Like David against Goliath, we’ll speak out for the animals and ensure your voice is heard. Animal abuse should never be legalised.

It’s so reassuring to know you love animals as I do. Every single pound you give will help give them a future. Thank you dear friend.

Will Travers OBE
President and CEO
Born Free Foundation

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