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Summer raffle 2017

Beyond the Bars Raffle 2017

Born Free’s new raffle has £2,000 of prizes. Play today for your chance to win an amazing cash prize.

Tickets cost just £1 and every ticket sold will support our work to stop captive suffering and transform animals’ lives.

With a top prize of £1,000, could you be our next big winner? It’s so simple to take part. Enter now for the chance to win AND to help Born Free protect wild animals.

How YOU can make a difference

Throughout the world, millions of animals are kept in zoos, circuses and marine
parks. Conditions are often appalling and suffering is widespread. But these
animals have no voice. They cannot complain. They rely on you and me to speak up for them.

Animals locked up for life deserve better. With your help Born Free challenges
this old-fashioned exploitation. We confront the multi-billion pound ‘entertainment’ industry, making money out of captive misery. We won’t stop fighting until this animal suffering is brought to an end.

Together let’s take action on behalf of these innocent prisoners. But make
no mistake, they still have wild hearts. If you love and respect wild animals as we do, please support our work.

Together we look Beyond the Bars. With your help we will investigate neglect, expose cruelty, campaign for tighter legislation and work to phase-out captive exploitation. Together we will seek a better, kinder future.

Together we make a great team! Best wishes and good luck.

Will Travers
Born Free Foundation President

Play online or order your books below.

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Spring Raffle results

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to our Rhino Raffle.

Congratulations to the lucky winners:

1st prize £1000 - Miss Mia Tarney
2nd prize £500 Mrs C Balaam
3rd prize £250 Mrs B Rehman
Runners up £25: Miss A Arnold, Mr Nick Berry, Mr J McCallum, Mrs Vicki Maynard, Mrs Sindie Teriaca, Mr Stephen Rees, Mrs J White, Miss Janet Charles, Ms G Goodwin, Mrs Patricia White


All winners also received a cuddly rhino.


Promoter Will Travers, Cherry Tree Cottage, Dorking RH5 6HA
licensed by the Gambling Commision
Born Free Foundation
Broadlands Business Campus, Langhurstwood Road
, Horsham, RH12 4QP, UK - Charity Reg. No. 1070906

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