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Winter raffle 2017

Born Free Giraffle 2017

Thank you for all you do to support Born Free. With your help we take action worldwide to save wild animals and stop suffering.

Our new raffle is now open and tickets cost just £1 each. Could you be our next big winner? We have £2,000 of prizes to be won and a top prize of £1,000.

Money raised from our long-legged raffle will help us protect the world’s rarest giraffe. Just a few hundred West African giraffe remain. They face some tough challenges, but you could help keep them in the wild and safe. Find out how below.

Entering the raffle is easy, just follow the steps on the reverse of this letter. 

Best wishes and good luck!

Will Travers OBE,

PS Play our Giraffle today. You could win a great prize AND help save rare giraffes.

Play online or order your by emailing with your name and address and the number of books you require.

Giraffes under threat

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This is why we need your help

Giraffes are incredible! At 5.5m, they’re the world’s tallest land animal. Their giant size and 45cm tongue help them reach tree-top leaves. But despite their 2m neck, giraffes only have seven neck vertebrae, the same as you and me. To get blood to their brain, their giant heart beats twice as fast as ours.

Giraffes might seem fragile, with spindly legs, but they are strong and fast. A kick could smash a predatory lion’s skull, while a running giraffe reaches 30mph! But they’ve no defence against hunters’ guns and they’re extensively hunted for meat and as trophies. Africa has less than 100,000 giraffes, a terrible 40% decline in only 30 years. 

Today, loss of habitat is a big problem, their savannah home is increasingly used for crops. This leads to conflict with people. But there is fantastic news from Niger. Here, with our help, our Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) colleagues work hard to protect West African giraffes – the world’s rarest sub-species. We’ve helped plant wild melons to distract giraffes from eating farmers’ mangoes and beans!

Twenty years ago, just 49 giraffes remained here. But today, thanks to conservation efforts, the population in Kouré Plateau numbers 550. In fact, overcrowding is becoming a real problem. We’d like to help GCF move some of these endangered animals to safe new homes in Niger, with plenty of food. We’ve successfully helped relocate giraffes in Kenya in the past. Money raised from this raffle could help make this new dream a reality, AND continue important work to monitor giraffe, protect habitat, and help local people and giraffes live happily together!

Summer Raffle results

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets to our Rhino Raffle.

Congratulations to the lucky winners:

1st prize £1000 - Ann Tauwhare
2nd prize £500 Pat Bull
3rd prize £250 Mrs J davey
Runners up £25: Linda Hair, Ann Gill, Jan Park, Amanda Gresswell, Bill Holliday, Mrs D Mullen, June Powell, Mrs E Waller, Douglas Armstrong, Gerald Whiting

All winners also received a cuddly Elsa lioness.


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