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Boodi, a new London-based jewellery company inspired by ancient cultures, have launched an exquisite collection of jewellery entitled BIJA. Animals play a key part in each design conveying strength, freedom, new life and protection and for each sale of their Perenna ring and Empanda earrings 10% of the profits will be donated to Born Free.

Boodi's Ethos

Inspired by ancient cultures and imbued with the spirit of unearthed primeval hoards, Boodi jewellery celebrates the styles and symbols of civilizations passed; amulets hold spiritual messages; the elements are revered; animals represent freedom, the future, and what we might be if only we could be so bold.  

The protective ethos of positivity runs throughout Boodi. The philosophy of the brand is that goodness comes from good things, as such all materials are derived from positive sources; the metals are recycled, given new life through ancient design; each gemstone is fairly traded and fully traceable, where the workers are well treated and paid fairly, with the best possible working conditions. Boodi jewellery is guaranteed conflict-free.

Boodi is more than a collection of jewellery; it represents a way of life.

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Perenna Ring

The ring, inspired by the Roman Goddess of long life and renewal, health and plenty, Anna Perenna, portrays seasons and landscapes where animals roam free and the daily journey of the sun brings more than a new day; it brings a clean slate from which to start afresh.

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Empanda Earrings

Empanda is the Roman Goddess of openness, friendliness and generosity, whose temple never closed to those in need. These earrings and their symbol represents the ever giving love, care and responsibility that comes with mother and fatherhood and the unbreakable bond we have with our children.

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The BIJA Collection

BIJA will be Boodi’s first collection. Meaning seed in Sanskrit, BIJA is a metaphor for the origin or cause of things; a capsule for new beginnings.

Growing organically in Boodi’s London studio, each design is hand carved from wax and cast in recycled silver and gold. In the designs, delicate sapphires, citrines and tourmalines blossom on fruitful trees and bring accents of vibrant life to sparkling sun rays, or the carved landscape of mountain peaks. Comprising necklaces, rings, earrings and cuffs, the collection employs the emblems of the three ancient cultures that inspired it; pre-Christian Rome, blended with a flavour of Mesopotamia and Egypt. As such, symbolism plays a vital role in the Boodi concept. One of those symbols being animal figures. Animals loom large in all ancient cultures; then, as now, in the BIJA collection, animals convey strength, freedom, new life and protection. In the Boodi philosophy all life should be treated with respect, and animals and birds should run wild and fly freely, like the human spirit.

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