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Rescue and care

In Cameroon on Africa’s West coast, Mount Cameroon’s biodiverse ecosystem is an important home to gorillas and chimps, but is ravaged by illegal logging, agricultural developments, and poaching for bushmeat and exotic pets. Limbe Wildlife Centre cares for dozens of rescued chimps and gorillas, despite minimal resources for food and medicines. Orphans include little Chinoise who, despite a fever, infection and swollen liver, gradually recovers, her big personality emerging. Limbe’s apes will always rely on human care, which is why we need you.

Sara was confiscated with three other baby chimps from a wildlife trader in South Sudan, having witnessed the massacre of their mothers and families. Malnourished and traumatised, Sara was in terrible health, her eyes puffy due to dehydration, her tummy distended. But thanks to loving expert care at the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre the little quartet gradually recovered, cuddling each other for comfort. They recently joined Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and are nurtured by the older orphans and the dedicated team of carers. Can you help too?

But it’s not just apes. The GRI-Zambia Primate Project (ZPP) rescues hundreds of monkeys from terrible conditions. Wild born, families slaughtered for meat, sold as illegal pets, to be kept in cages, chained or roped. The belt tethering Mary the baby vervet was so tight it became embedded into her flesh. She couldn’t pass faeces, was in agonising pain, with no water or food. How can people treat sentient creatures with such cruelty? Mary now recovers thanks to ZPP and with your help can be prepared for life back in the wild in Kafue National Park.


Captive exploitation

Hundreds of baby apes are illegally stolen from the wild in Africa and sold to foreign zoos and private owners under the pretence of being ‘captive bred’. In recent years 130 wild-caught baby chimpanzees and 10 baby gorillas were imported by zoos in China from Guinea, West Africa. Many chimps now perform in circus-like shows, while the gorillas were euthanased after a public health scare. Help us bring the wildlife criminals to book and end the suffering of these abused young apes.

Throughout the world countless thousands of apes and other primates languish in squalid zoos and circuses, or are used as ‘props’ for misguided tourists’ photos. Born Free works to investigate shoddy facilities, expose deprivation, publish shocking high-profile reports, enforce legislation, push for higher standards, run public awareness campaigns,train vets and zoo inspectors, close zoos and transform lives. With your help we are determined to work a miracle.

But exploitation isn’t just for ‘entertainment’ - some 1,000 chimps, many wild-caught, are experimented on in laboratories in the USA and Gabon. US labs have a total of 125,000 primates, subjected to terrifying, painful research, with countless others languishing in roadside zoos and chained or caged in people’s homes as ‘pets’. At Born Free USA’s 186-acre Primate Sanctuary in Texas, rescued primates recover in spacious enclosures full of trees, ponds and plants. Here they can interact with others of their kind, feel grass beneath their feet, or the sun on their face, many for the first time in their lives. But food alone costs $20 (£13) per month per monkey, and they also need vet care and enrichment.

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