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Tiny marmoset
Kept as a plaything – help victims of this cruel trade
Kiki needs your help today. Photo - Wild Futures
Marmoset being fed
Stolen from her mum to be hand-fed and ‘tamed’
Help build Jerry a forever home. Photo - Wild Futures
Your gift could care for Coco. Photo - Wild Futures

The UK exotic pet trade deprives tiny monkeys of the life they deserve.

Coco and Kiki were only a few weeks old when snatched from their mothers’ arms to be hand-reared, then sold as ‘pets’. You can imagine the babies’ terror and their mothers’ distress.

Coco then spent a year alone in an appalling 2m bird cage, before Kiki joined him. Fed a high-sugar diet including biscuits and marshmallows, they were malnourished and bored.

Please will you donate today to help pay for food, medical care and shelter for monkeys like Coco and Kiki?

The 18cm marmoset monkey is the smallest victim of the UK’s cruel ‘primate’ trade. Here on our doorstep, at least 5,000 monkeys and lemurs are kept as pets, including hundreds of common marmosets. These delicate monkeys are becoming increasingly popular, but trade is completely unregulated. You don’t even need a licence to buy or sell one, yet behind this fad is shocking cruelty.

Greed fuels the trade, with one marmoset selling for up to £1,200. Breeders promote the myth they are easy to keep. But these complex animals are incredibly difficult to care for and owners often end up being cruel through simple ignorance. Born to be wild, these monkeys only thrive with their own kind and can’t be ‘played with’. So once the initial thrill is over they are left to languish in inadequate, small cages. The suffering is horrendous.

Marmosets have evolved to live with their families in the warmth of Brazil’s lush rainforest. Sociable, playful, curious and intelligent, these tiny tropical monkeys are agile climbers and forage for plant gums, fruit, flowers and insects. They communicate with an intricate language of gestures and vocalisations.

Across the country hundreds of these miniature monkeys are suffering. We urgently need your support to help them.


£15 buy a month’s vitamins for Kiki

£40 pay for one month’s food for Jerry

£5,000 fund a new food and medicines preparation area

£7,000 connect the sanctuary’s biomass boiler to the marmoset home

£40,000 fund the entire new marmoset forever home

It is terrible to think of Coco and Kiki’s barren lives, an unnatural existence in someone’s house. But luckily they were rescued and given an enriched new life by our friends at the renowned Monkey Sanctuary in Cornwall, run by the charity Wild Futures.

Here, at their world-class rescue centre, the pair get the good food, expert loving care and stimulation they craved. But sadly their story is all too typical.

Monkeys like three year-old Jerry, kept as a pet then sold on to at least two homes. Tragically, for this highly-social monkey, he was kept in isolation – imagine the torment. Living in a parrot cage inside a house, he repeatedly called for company or in alarm. It is awful to consider his anguish, before Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary gave him a home.

Please help save even more monkeys in need and help end this dreadful trade.

Wild Futures have been inundated with requests to take in more marmosets like Jerry, Coco and Kiki. They know of many kept as pets waiting to be rescued, but simply have no space to rehome them. Heartbreakingly, they are currently forced to turn monkeys away.

Our friends urgently want to create a specialised marmoset facility.

Please, will you help give sanctuary and a forever home to little monkeys like Jerry, Coco and Kiki? Your gift today could literally transform lives.

Together let’s give them the quality of life they deserve. Your gift would make such a difference to the number of monkeys we can save right here in the UK.

Thank you.

Will Travers
President Born Free Foundation

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