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Jora and Black Safe in Shamwari

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Abused in the big top

Jora and Black were Bulgaria’s last two circus lions. Taken from their mother as small cubs. Exploited for years in a big top. Forced to ‘entertain’ misguided audiences throughout eastern Europe. As you know, circus animals lead miserable, deprived lives. Trained to perform stupid unnatural tricks. Undercover investigations and court cases have revealed horrific abuse and systematic mistreatment. Thankfully Bulgaria has made a stand against this. Since January 2015 the country has banned the use of wild mammals in circuses. A move welcomed by Born Free and other animal welfare experts.

Circus trailer
Kept in a trailer for months

Your gift today will help them live a better life

But Jora and Black then languished for months in a cramped trailer. There was nowhere else for them to go. Frustrated and bored. Barely room to turn around, with little shade and soaring temperatures.

You can imagine their anguish. Lions are magnificent, formidable creatures. Radiating raw energy, designed to survive on their wits in Africa’s vast savannahs. How outrageous that Jora and Black were reduced to this shameful existence. A barren ‘beast wagon’ with no challenges, no stimulation. All day, every day standing or lying on metal.

You can give them a lifetime's care in Africa

With your help we have given them a home at our incredible, life-changing big cat sanctuary in South Africa. In a spacious enclosure they will roll in long grass. Lie amongst shady bushes and trees. Race across the grassland, accelerating to awesome full speed. Then gaze across the vastness of the reserve.

Now we need to raise funds to lavish them with the loving, lifetime care they deserve. So the memory of the circus life, the ring, the trailer, can quickly fade.

You can play a vital role. They deserve the best possible life, I’m sure you agree!

With my heartfelt thanks

Adam M Roberts

Chief Executive Born Free Foundation

PS Your gift today will give these two magnificent lions the future they deserve!

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