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Born Free’s Peace of Mind booklet tells you everything you need to know before you appoint a solicitor to draw up your will or bring it up to date.  Your estate may be liable to Inheritance Tax, but the booklet explains how you can minimise this tax.  One method is to leave a legacy to Born Free as money for charities in legacies is not taxed and may bring the value of your estate below the Inheritance Tax limit.  So by helping Born Free ensure a future for wildlife, you could also ensure your family does not pay unnecessary tax.

Peace of Mind

Born Free’s guide to making and updating your Will.

Contents include:

  • Solicitor’s endorsement
  • Step-by-step guide to making an up-to-date Will
  • Remembering family, friends and pets
  • Inheritance Tax and how to minimise it
  • Working out the value of your Estate
  • Pledge Form

Available free, just contact our office on 01403 240170, email Nicky Piper or view a printable copy here

Keep the future wild

You Can Arrange Your Will Today


We can help arrange your will in the comfort of your own home.

You might be surprised to discover that nearly three-quarters of us don’t have a Will. Yet most of us know that having a Will makes really good sense.

Now Born Free can help you arrange your Will in the comfort of your own home, thanks to our friends at The Goodwill Partnership. Their Will-writing service is easy and affordable. You just need to book a FREE, no obligation home-visit with one of their trusted advisors. This could even be at the weekend or in the evening. It’s as easy as arranging for your friend to visit and have a cup of tea!

There are three simple ways to book your free home-visit:
• Call the dedicated phone line on 01482 661 286 – this is a special
number just for you and other Born Free supporters
• Visit
• Text GOODWILL18 to 60777

Your Will is then drafted by a registered solicitor*. The Goodwill Partnership Will-writing service is simple, sensitive and professional, and starts at just £98 + VAT (fixed price). This is a special, discounted rate for Born Free supporters.
It is a fraction of the cost you might otherwise be expected to pay - typical high-street solicitors can charge £250 an hour.

The Goodwill Partnership is the largest distributor of home-visit solicitor provided Wills in England and Wales. They make drafting this very important document a lot easier, especially if you are busy during the week.

Our friends at The Goodwill Partnership will help you write your Will as part of your relationship with Born Free. It might sound like a dull legal document, but when you make a Will you show how much you care. You can look after your children, your family, your pets, your friends, even after you’re gone. Now that really is a legacy of love! And imagine how good you’ll feel knowing you have put your affairs in good order.

With your Will you can decide how your property or possessions are shared out. And once you’ve remembered your loved ones, you could choose to do something extraordinary for wild animals as well.

By including Born Free in your Will, you can extend your loving care to wildlife. You can help save the lives of animals in need. The incredible legacies and gifts in memory already left to our charity have enabled us to:

• Rescue lions from tiny cages and give them new lives at our sanctuaries
• Stop captive animal misery and challenge the multi-billion pound zoo industry
• Fight the bloody ivory trade and protect elephants from poachers’ guns
• Care for baby chimps, gorillas and elephants whose mothers have been killed
• Protect rare tigers, lions, apes, wolves and turtles in the wild

Years ago I first made my Will to ensure my family and friends would each receive something if anything happened to me. As a father to two children this is so important to me, and I’ve since revised my Will to keep it up to date.

I’ve also included a legacy to Born Free. I want to help our charity stop suffering, save lives, rescue individual animals and protect species in the future. Like me I’m sure you care deeply about wild animals. Your kindness in remembering them in your Will could give them another chance in life and will never be forgotten.

And if you include a legacy to Born Free in your Will this money is not taxed and may even bring the value of your estate below the inheritance tax limit. So you could leave money to the animals, not the taxman!

It means a great deal to me to know you feel as I do, about trying to provide a safer future for wild animals.

My very best wishes

Will Travers OBE


PS You can leave a legacy of love with Born Free.

*All the solicitors on The Goodwill Partnership will-writing team are fully guaranteed by the Solicitors Indemnity Fund. The Goodwill Partnership only provides a will-writing service and does not promote other services such as estate executorship, probate or insurance.
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