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Habitat loss is threatening the survival of wildlife worldwide.  Natural environments are being destroyed and fragmented by human activity, wiping out species’ food sources, dispersing populations and leaving animals around the world literally homeless or displaced.


Born Free believes wild animals need their wild habitats; their home, nothing can compare.  Habitat loss is caused by deforestation, war, expansion of human populations and agriculture, climate change and much more.  Where habitat loss occurs, species (whether large carnivore or amphibian) are forced into ever-decreasing, fragmented areas which in turn decreases prey numbers, water availability and species’ range.  Additionally, human-wildlife conflict increases as encroachment occurs resulting in major problems for wildlife and local communities.  Ultimately, habitat loss leads to wildlife population decline and extinction.

Using the spectacular photography of George Logan and the skills of Steve Hawthorne and Katy Hopkins at advertising company WCRS Limited, these images of wild animals placed within an urban setting aim to provide a shocking reminder that wildlife is losing its habitat at an alarming rate.  All services involved in this campaign, including advertising space and printing, have been kindly donated and together we are working to raise awareness of the issue and the work which Born Free is doing to “keep wildlife in the wild” – without strong, well-connected areas of habitat, this will be impossible.


  • Turkish brown bear - © Dr Cagan H Sekercioglu
  • Lion © Michael Vickers
  • Ethiopian Wolf © Mike Daines

Born Free’s conservation work seeks to protect species and their habitats as well as working with local communities to find solutions which allow people and wildlife to live together, and habitats to thrive. 

Tigers in India inhabit just 11% of their original habitat.  Find out how Born Free protects tigers and their habitat.

Lions have lost 80% of their natural habitat. Find out how Born Free works with local communities to protect lions and their habitat.

Brown bears in NE Turkey have just 230km2 of forest to roam in.  Read more on Born Free’s work to research the population and our hopes to increase the bears’ habitat.

Gorilla habitat in DRC has been diminished by civil war and poaching.  Find out how Born Free supports rangers, providing vital items to ensure the lives and habitat of the resident gorillas.

The Bale Mountains is the last stronghold of the Ethiopian wolf – just 500 wolves remain.  Read more about how Born Free finds ways to reduce threats to this vulnerable species. 

The impact of the bushmeat trade upon chimpanzees is compounded by habitat loss.  Discover how Born Free helps to combat the bushmeat trade and protect chimpanzees in their natural habitat.

Over the last 10 years, the African elephants’ range is estimated to have decreased by as much as 40%. Find out how Born Free is helping to protect elephants in the wild.

YOU can help Born Free protect wildlife and habitats - make a donation here

Rescue and care

Born Free also provides homes for individual animals that have been displaced, rescuing them from lives of misery in zoos and circuses.  Zoos and circuses are not appropriate homes for wild animals – the wild is their home and these habitats must be protected.

  • Tallinn zoo, Estonia © H.Davies
  • Beijing zoo © R. Russel
  • Pata Zoo, Thailand © Antoni Uni

Zoos and circuses will never provide a suitable home for the diverse needs of wild animals.  Find out how Born Free takes action to stop captive animal suffering, challenge the multi-billion-pound global captive animal industry, and phase-out zoos and animal circuses.

In total, Born Free has provided 52 lions and leopards in need with new homes and lifetime care.  Read more about our rescue programme here.  

Born Free funds and is creating new homes for injured and orphaned animals rescued from illegal wildlife trade. Find out more about our wildlife rescue centres here.

  • Sinbad after rescue at Shamwari © Vuyo Busakwe
  • Eve after rescue at Limbe © LWC
  • Dolo lion in Ethiopia © BFF


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