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Give As You Earn is a simple way for individuals to support Born Free.  So why don’t you offer Give As You Earn (GAYE) to your employees?

Payroll giving is an easy tax-free way for UK-taxpayers to regularly support Born Free.  Each time your employee is paid, your payroll department just needs to deduct their donation before tax.  So, if your employee pledges £5 per month, they pay £4 and the taxman will add £1. 

It’s so easy, and their gift will help our wildlife charity to save lives and stop suffering.

GAYE demonstrates active support for employees and can enhance your organisation’s image in the local community.  A large number of employers also match the GAYE donations their employees make. 

Matched Giving is the perfect way to involve your employees in your corporate giving programme.  Besides helping them support Born Free, your organisation can enjoy a wide range of benefits:

  • Improved staff morale, teamwork and motivation
  • Enhanced corporate image and reputation
  • Makes your employees feel good about working for you!
  • Positive PR opportunities
  • Sense of social responsibility

You can use Matched Giving to support your staff’s generosity in a variety of ways:

  • A payment of the scheme’s administration costs
  • 100% match, to equal each employee’s gift pound for pound.  This can be capped with an annual limit.
  • 200% match, you could even consider paying £2 for every £1 donated.

All you have to do is:

1. Check if your company is already registered with the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) to offer the scheme.  Call their GAYE helpline on 01732 520 019.

2. Registration is free and involves completing three simple forms.  These are available at or call the GAYE helpline.

3. Once your forms have been received, CAF will register your company with the Inland Revenue and send you guidelines on how to administer and promote the scheme.

4. Promote GAYE to your employees.

5. Consider paying the admin fees on behalf of your employees.

6. Consider matching your employees’ donations.

If you want to know more about payroll giving, visit

Thank you for helping your employees to help Born Free keep wildlife in the wild!

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Give As You Earn Form


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