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Roque tiger cub
Just a scared cub when rescued
Roque adult tiger
Adopt this magnificent adult today

Better today - but still needing your care
Jawaraiah so battered when rescued…
Better today - but still needing your care

We are asking you to give you a special gift this Christmas. I’d like to give you a FREE cuddly toy tiger, when you adopt our rescued tiger Roque (‘Rocky’)! With a personalised gift pack this is the perfect gift for yourself or someone you care for. Or you might prefer to save tigers by sending a donation instead?

I’ll never forget when I first met Roque – terrified and alone - back in 1998. Just a few days old when taken from his mother, he was on sale in a Spanish pet-shop. He paced back and forth in a glass tank, piteously crying. So, in a dynamic rescue, we brought him to a sanctuary in Kent. I quickly fell in love with this enthusiastic, adventurous cub, but longed to give him a more natural life.

You can adopt Roque today and give him a home this Christmas!

In 2002 a wonderful day dawned when we took Roque to our new sanctuary in Bannerghatta National Park, in southern India.

My heart leapt as I drove with him on the final leg of his journey. Here, in his three-acre forest enclosure, Roque has matured and become more like a wild tiger – aloof and imposing.

Now 18, he’s still in great shape and patrols his territory every day. You can help give him the good food and expert care he needs.

When you adopt Roque or donate you’ll also help our other tigers at the sanctuary.
Gopal aged six, Madesha aged 14 and Jawaraiah aged 16 are ex-wild tigers, rescued in India after coming into conflict with people. They can never go back to the wild, but you’ll give them the best possible care and any medical attention needed. We need funds to reinforce their fencing, so these fierce tigers can safely go into their large forest areas.

You’ll also help save wild tigers and stop their exploitation.
These awe-inspiring predators are perhaps nature’s most supreme hunter, but they have no defence against well-armed poachers. Unbelievably fewer than 4,000 wild tigers survive and the species is facing extinction. But you can help secure the tiger’s future today.

Wild tigers are in danger right now
Sadly tigers are killed in the wild for their beautiful fur, bones and other body parts, or ‘speed-bred’ in cruel tiger farms. Their forest homes are cut down for wood, dug up for mines and used for agriculture.

Over the last 100 years a horrifying 97% have been wiped out.

But you can help protect wild tigers. India’s vast forests are home to 60% of the world’s

tigers and we work with local people to protect habitat, stop poaching and prevent ‘conflict’. We fight for better protection at global meetings, campaigning to stop tiger farming.

Adopt Roque or make a donation and you’ll save tigers

We CAN save the tiger. We just need the funds! Together we can care for Roque and the other tigers at our sanctuary, AND secure a future for this spectacular big cat in the wild.

Will Travers OBE
Born Free Foundation

You’ll also keep tigers safe in the wild when you adopt or donate today
You’ll also keep tigers safe in the wild when you adopt or donate today
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