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If you love and respect wild animals as we do, please help them now. Fighting their captive exploitation lies at the heart of everything we do at Born Free. Together we will speak up for the animals that rely on each of us. We never forget any of these tragic prisoners, instincts denied, reduced to objects so people can display them, own them, control them. But make no mistake, they still have wild hearts.

It’s hard to put a total on what we need. We’ve been battling captive cruelty for 33 years and there’s still a long way to go. But every single pound you give our charity will count - will be spent wisely. We’d like to see all zoos closed of course, but together we will confront the captive industry, raise public awareness, enforce legislation, phase out slum zoos and transform lives.

Millions of animals are incarcerated in Europe’s 4,000 zoos and there are appalling conditions to be found in almost every single one of them. They have some of the worst zoos in the world and innocent animals suffer all day every day. Such images distress us all at Born Free, but their plight only serves to motivate us. With you by our side, we battle away to help them all, inspired afresh to stop their torment.

Thanks to your previous kind donations, since 2011 our ground-breaking EU Zoo Inquiry has investigated hundreds of zoos across Europe*. The most extensive  assessment ever undertaken, our major reports have exposed scandalous  deprivation and detailed how each country is failing to meet legal obligations in  animal care, conservation and education, under the EU Zoos Directive. The  evidence is overwhelming, but this is just the beginning.

These shocking, high-profile Born Free reports have already led to improved national laws, an EU zoos code of practice and zoo vet training, but there is so much more to do. Our follow-up investigations and country reports continue to date and we are now working with the European Commission and governments of individual countries to encourage ‘good practice’ and stop animal suffering. Find out more at - you can fund this vital work.

With your support we want to make positive changes, improve animal welfare, enforce legislation, run public awareness campaigns, train more vets and zoo inspectors, and close substandard zoos. This is a hugely ambitious project. Help us work a miracle in Europe. But it’s not just zoos, we also want to end the abuse of captive dolphins in circus-style shows, to close Europe’s 34 captive facilities and make the whole of Europe a Dolphinaria-Free Zone.

Nothing is more important to Born Free than ending the exploitation of captive animals. This is why our charity began 33 years ago. This is what inspires every member of our team today to work with such passion. We want to speak for the voiceless, lobby decision-makers, challenge the multi-billion pound zoo industry. But we can’t do it all alone. We need funds to find solutions and campaign for freedom.

These animals suffer all day, every day. Their anguish encourages us to do everything we can to alleviate their distress. Please don’t turn away. If you feel as we do, please send your gift today. Thank you.

*In association with our ENDCAP colleagues, the European animal protection coalition founded by Born Free
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