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Born Free Big Cat Rescue centres, South Africa - donated camera helps the team to monitor the cats in their care
Born Free Big Cat Rescue centres, South Africa - donated camera helps the team to monitor the cats in their care

Can you support our field projects by donating any of the much needed items listed below?


Shamwari, South Africa – Born Free lion and leopard sanctuary and education centre

Two tablet computers required for the Animal Care Team to enable daily observations and reports on our rescued lions and leopards to be more easily collated when in the field.


Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi

Currently the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre in Malawi are in urgent need of laptop computers for their office to assist with the smooth running of the centre

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre has rescued and rehabilitated countless individuals since its construction but now needs handheld GPS units (Garmin 72 or similar) to help them monitor animals post release. Post release monitoring is important to both the survival of the individual animals and the future development and improvement of the programme.

Born Free Kenya

Born Free Kenya urgently needs lightweight camping gear (e.g. tents, sleeping bags, and boots) and handheld GPS units (Garmin 72 or similar) for the de-snaring patrols. Since this Programme started the team has removed over 4,000 wire snares, saved tens of trapped wild animals and reached out to thousands of community members with our compassionate conservation message.

Ensessakotteh, Wildlife Rescue, Conservation and Education Centre, Ethiopia

Ensessakotteh need head torches to help them to move around the 77ha wildlife centre safely in the dark to check on the animals. Currently the centre is home to 77 rescued animals and the wilderness areas are home to countless native species. Additionally a camera trap would help the team monitor the native wildlife living in the wilderness areas to both help protect it and as an educational tool for the scores of school children visiting the centre each year.

See full wish list here.

Sea Sense, Tanzania

A network of 34 Conservation Officers, working with local communities and stake holders, are working to conserve and protect endangered marine species including sea turtles, dugongs, whales, dolphins and whale sharks in Tanzania and need waterproof digital cameras to assist in their underwater monitoring activities. Since 2001 Sea Sense’s work has seen a reduction in turtle nest poaching from 80% to just 2% in areas in which they work and would now like to expand their monitoring to the marine environment.

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme (EWCP)

EWCP rangers regularly need to hike through muddy, marshy and rocky terrain in order to monitor and protect one of Ethiopia’s most engendered endemic species, the Ethiopian Wolf. However, adequate equipment is often expensive and hard to come by so if you have any second hand waterproof/Gortex boots (men’s sizes only please) they would enable the team to undertake their activities.

See full wish list here.

Zambia Primate Project

The Zambia Primate project could make use of any lightweight camping gear (such as tents and camping beds) to allow the post release monitoring teams to stay in field. ZPP is one of Africa’s most established and successful primate release programmes with a current survival rate (6 months post release) of 95%.

See full wish list here.

Born Free Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to one of the largest populations of Asian elephants, as well as an ever expanding human population. As in other countries with Asian elephants, habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation represent their main threat, leading to increasing conflict between the two species.

Born Free is working to reduce this conflict in southern Sri Lanka, and a key step is mapping boundaries between national parks and nearby villages and fields to better understand elephant habitat use. Robust GPS units such as the Garmin eTrex 10 are indispensable tools to do this effectively. 

Can you help us getting items to the projects in Ethiopia, Malawi, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania or Kenya?

All items must be in good working order and sent to our offices in Horsham – any questions please contact Tarnya on 01403 240170 or via email - many thanks!

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