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Bracken Henderson - star fundraiser interview

Bracken Henderson

What fundraising have you done in the past for Born Free?

When I was 8 years old I did a 12 mile walk for Born Free with my mummy, we raised about £200 (including gift aid)

What is your latest challenge for Born Free?

I am going to be walking up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, with my mum and Nanny on the 2nd of June.

Why do you like  walking and who do you walk and train with?

Walking gives me good exercise and fresh air, i love walking with my mummy.

Why have you chosen an animal charity and in particular Born Free?

I love animals because they are cute and they deserve a better life. I want to work with Born free when i am older and save the Lions, I am saving up my pocket money to buy the equipment and toys for the other animals.

What is your favourite wild animal and why?

My favourite animal is the Lioness, because they are strong, fast, beautiful and brave.  But mostly because I love my mummy and lionesses can be mummys too!

Do you have any pets and what are they and their names?

My nanny has a black Labrador called Dyson, i am going to be getting a Pug next year and i am going to call him Frank.

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