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Go Wild fundraising ideas

At home

  • Put a large Go Wild sticker on a jar or tin and keep by the front door for all that annoying loose change!
  • Collect all those fiddly 1p, 2p & 5p coins (or even 10ps or 20ps!), change them at your local bank or post office and send a cheque to Born Free.
  • Cash it don’t stash it!  Don’t hoard your holiday money in a dusty drawer, send us your leftover foreign coins, notes and Euros.
  • Reclaim IT collect and recycle printer cartridges and photocopier toners from your school or workplace, donating funds to Born Free.  Call Reclaim It on 01635 876900 to order your ‘Born Free Collection Box’ to put them in.   
  • Charge a fee and send us the proceeds eg lawn-cutting, car-washing, window-cleaning, dog-walking, baby-sitting, gardening.  Or be a taxi driver for friends and colleagues on a big night out.
  • Clear out your attic or storeroom and hold a jumble sale, car boot sale or online auction (find out about Ebay).
  • Hold a games evening with your friends and family.  Charge a fee, the winner gets a % and the rest goes to Born Free.
  • Celebrate your birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas or other special occasion by asking for gifts to Born Free, instead of a present.
(c) Stuart Handley Child at birthday party
Charlotte Wingfield cleaned her home from top to bottom to raise funds for BF, raising £200. Well done!

Local community

Get your family, friends, colleagues, local shops, café, dentist, vets, pub, restaurant or sports centre to collect coins. More information about our official collection boxes.

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