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Get your Go Wild event covered!

Your local press – newspapers, radio, radio even TV – may well be interested in your Go Wild event or activity.  So get in contact and invite them along.  Their readers and viewers love stories about people in their own area, especially if they’re involved in an interesting or unusual activity!  You might be surprised by how easy it is to get YOUR Go Wild event featured in the local press.  Our PR officer ( can help.

Follow our 8-point plan:

1. Find out which newspapers, radio or TV stations to contact.  Your Yellow Pages should have details, or enquire at your local library.

2. Write a Press Release describing your Go Wild event.  Don’t panic – it doesn’t need to be very long!
Just explain:
Who is involved (local group or school?  Any important individuals?)
What you are doing.
Why you are doing it (ie to raise funds to help Born Free help animals!)
Where your Go Wild event is taking place.
When you event is happening.
How much money you hope to raise to help wildlife.
Great photo opportunities that are available.

Don’t forget to mention ‘The Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity, founded by Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers following their starring roles in the classic film ‘Born Free’.  Today Born Free is in action worldwide to prevent wild animal suffering and protect species in the wild.

3. Give each paper, radio or TV station a call to find out who to send your Press Release to.  It’s worth finding a named individual to invite along to your Go Wild event, rather than just the ‘News Desk’.

4. Send your Press Release off!

5. Follow up your Press Release with a 2nd phone call.  Make sure they know what time to arrive at your event and who to ask for.

6. On the day, make sure the press have all the info they need and the opportunity to take any pics they want.  They’ll want to chat to relevant people, so make sure you and others are available!

7. Afterwards give them a call to check when your event will be featured.

8. Please send Born Free a copy/tape of the final article/broadcast.

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