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Born Free’s Kilimanjaro Fundraising Challenge Team!

3rd – 12th October 2014 

They have made it! Team Kilimanjaro reached the summit in the early hours of morning on 9th October. They knew it wouldn't be easy but they were determined to complete the climb and raise as much as they can for Born Free and their work to protect lions. 

The climb will included spectacular views, game drives, plus seeing first hand the work of the Foundation in Amboseli National Park. It will conclude with a celebratory lunch with Virginia McKenna.

You can support the team by donating at one of the links below, or tweeting using the #bffkili hashtag.

Sue Olson, Darren Stevens, & James Pickering - the first BFF group to the top
Sue Olson, Darren Stevens, & James Pickering - the first BFF group to the top

Message from Will Travers:

Will travers

Ten years ago, together with a small, intrepid team of Born Free supporters, I successfully climbed Mt Kilimanjaro - 19,341 feet (5,895 meters). The feeling was amazing - looking down on a world that seemed so perfect and, in some ways, still is.

Today, a lot older but, obviously, not a lot wiser, I am going to do it again!

Born Free is 30 this year and I want to make a real impact for wild animals in need so I have set myself an ambitious target (to put it mildly). I want to raise £30,000 (US$50,000)!! Please will you help? It must be possible. For example if everyone who Follows me on Twitter gave just £4 (US$7) I would exceed my target.

I know how hard that climb is (and I have terrible vertigo) but the mission is too important - helping secure a future for Africa's increasingly threatened wild lions - down by 50% in the last 30 years. This decline in numbers has to be stopped and with your help, through our work in Kenya, Tanzania and elsewhere we can make a real difference.

To contemplate Africa without lions is simply unimaginable. They are the symbol of all that is wild and free.

So help me ensure that the Spirit of Elsa continues to burn brightly for generations to come!

Thanks - let's ROAR!!


PS  Find out more about our lion conservation work (and what we have been doing for the last 30 years)

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