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Japan Dolphin Day Protest

Taiji protest London

On Friday 1st September 2017, Born Free joined with the Dolphin Project and the campaign group London Against the Dolphin Massacre to support the Japan Dolphin Day protest march in London.

Japan Day is a global day of protest in cities around the world to focus global attention on the start of the of the dolphin hunts and captures in Taiji Cove in Japan, which was the subject of the Oscar-winning documentary the Cove in 2009.

Ever year up to 2,000 dolphins are killed at Tiaji Cove between September and February. In these hunts large groups of dolphins are rounded up by fast boats and herded in to the bay or harbour. Rope is then tied aroud their tails and they are hauled out of the water into boats, to suffer a long traumatic death by having a steel lanced inserted into their spinal chords. 

Hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds joined the peaceful family protest which started in Cavendish Square and marched down Oxford and Regents Street across Piccadilly Circus and down Park Lane to the Japanese Embassy at Green Park. 

At the Japanese Embassy the protest was addressed by Dominic Dyer, Policy Advisor at the Born Free Foundation (pictured below), and dolphin protection campaigner and founder of the Dolphin Project, Ric O'Barry.

Dominic Dyer told the crowd that greed not culture allows the Taji dolphin slaughter to continue, as a dead dolphin is only worth in the region of £300 to the fishermen at Taiji, but a live specimen can sell for over a £150,000 and are in high demand from marine parks and aquariums around the world 

Ric O'Barry called on all the major wildlife conservation NGO's and charities to come together to campaign against the cruel slaughter of dolphins at Taiji Cove and to do more to educate the public about the exploitation and cruelty of the global marine park and aquarium business.

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