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Canada Goose Fur Protest

Fur protest

The Born Free Foundation gave its support to a peaceful protest held outside the Canada Goose store in Regents Street in London on Saturday 13 January 

The protest was held to draw attention to the exploitation and cruelty involved in the trapping and killing of wild coyotes in Canada, to use their fur for Canada Goose coats.

Dominic Policy Policy Adviser at the Born Free Foundation spoke at the protest. He drew attention to the cruelty involved in the use of leg hold traps which are banned in the EU on humaneness grounds, to capture and kill wild coyotes for their fur. Despite claims from Canada Goose that that this is a humane system of trapping, Dominic pointed out that many coyotes die long painful deaths from severe leg injuries, blood loss and hypothermia. He also confirmed that many endangered species get caught in the traps laid for coyotes, including puma, lynx and wolverines.

The protest called on Canada Goose to stop the use of coyote fur in their products in favor of non animal sourced synthetic alternatives, which are just as effective at providing warmth and insulation, without the cruelty of trapping and killing wild animals.

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