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Pledge to avoid visiting captive dolphin facilities

Born Free Foundation wants to make sure that cetaceans are protected in the wild, where they belong, and not used for public entertainment in choreographed displays and in swim-with facilities. We are asking you to pledge to avoid visiting captive dolphin facilities and partake in dolphin interaction activities.

Born Free Foundation is working with like minded organisations throughout Europe and beyond, through the Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition and the World Cetacean Alliance, to seek a phasing out of captive dolphin facilities. As a possible solution, we are investing in studies to assess the feasibility of establishing a dolphin refuge of former captive dolphins, which may result in some animals being successfully rehabilitated for release into the wild.

Let's work together to ensure that whale, dolphins and porpoises are no longer kept in captivity.

Pledge to Avoid Supporting the Trade in Primates as Pets

Primates are complex, intelligent and social animals with highly specialised needs. They can profoundly suffer in captivity. For these reasons among others, they should not be kept as pets.

Born Free wants to make sure that responsible owners of companion animals do not inadvertently support the trade in primates as pets. We are asking you to pledge to avoid shopping at pet stores that sell primates.

So, when you're shopping for dog food or a new cat bed, keep an eye out for marmosets, tamarins, lemurs and any other primates for sale — and if you see any, take your business elsewhere!

Let's work together to ensure that primates are kept out of the pet trade.

Bloody Ivory

In 1979 there were an estimated 1.3 million elephants in Africa. By the time an internstional ban on the trade in ivory was agreed ten years later, that number had more than halved. Since then two large sales of ivory have stimulated demand and led to the situation we have today, of spiralling poaching and a vast illegal trade coordinated by international criminal networks. Find out more at and add your voice to those calling for NO MORE TRADE.

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