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Born Free - Brian May & Kerry Ellis

5th November 2012 saw the worldwide release of the Oscar-winning song ‘Born Free’ re-recorded by legendary Queen guitarist Brian May and West End and Broadway songstress Kerry Ellis. Their interpretation of the classic song is being sold in aid the Born Free Foundation and available to download in a variety of formats.


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We paid a lot of respect to this iconic song and were fortunate to have Don Black himself write some special new lyrics as we put our own mark on this awesome and moving track. We hope that people will really like what we have done and that it will contribute to the long-lasting legacy of this great piece of music.” - Brian May

Seeing Born Free’s invaluable welfare and conservation work to help Africa’s lions really moved us to re-record a song which means so much to so many people. We hope we have done it proud and that the funds raised by the downloads will help the charity continue to protect fragile populations of lions in the wild.” - Kerry Ellis

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