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Activate, Born Free's proactive letter-writing team, gets you directly involved with our campaigns to help animals.

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Activate's team takes action on a variety of animal welfare and conservation issues, both for Born Free, and for other animal organisations whose work we support. 

Every other month, you'll receive details about a new challenge. It will include all the background information and advice you need to prepare your own personal letter or email to the relevant decision-makers. We will send you updates on previous campaigns, and details of forthcoming rallies and demonstrations you may wish to take part in.

We tackle a variety of campaigns from the cruel speed-breeding and canned hunting of captive lions in South Africa; to the use of infant macaque monkeys, stolen from their families in the wild, and used as photo props in Morocco; to the promotion of dolphinaria by the travel industry; to the trophy hunting of hippo in Zambia; and to the unnecessary and unscientific badger cull in the UK.

Activate allows you to have your say. We don’t use sign-on letters or petitions. These have their place but we believe an original letter from a passionate, committed individual is effective in a different way. The recipient knows it has taken you more than a few seconds to make your views known, so your personal message has more impact.

Whoever you are, Activate is perfect for you, and only needs to take less than an hour every two months! 

Activate is co-ordinated by Tricia Holford, and during your challenge she is on hand to give advice and help by telephone or e-mail.  For a free Activate starter pack contact our office on 01403 240170 or contact Tricia directly on

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