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Why do we want #SanctuariesNotTanks?

3 November 2016

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Last month, Born Free hosted a powerful and thought-provoking photo exhibition at the European Parliament to highlight the poor conditions for animals in many zoos and dolphinaria across the EU.

This incredible image was taken by wildlife photographer Jo-Anne McArthur. It shows so clearly why a tank environment is so inadequate for cetaceans: completely lacking in the complexity of the wild; restrictive in space; and offering little for the animal(s) to do, day after day. 

Zoos and dolphinaria in the EU need to meet the requirements of the EU Zoos Directive: an EU framework law that stipulates high standards in animal welfare, therefore we need to ensure the existence of the EU Zoo Directive to maintain a consistent approach to zoo regulation across the EU. This law is currently being assessed by the European Commission, to decide if it is effective and has EU value.  

Born Free needs public support to retain the EU Zoos Directive and to ensure it is effectively enforced. Born Free would welcome your contribution to a public consultation about zoos and dolphinaria, and how they should be regulated. Please complete this questionnaire  before it closes on 8th December. If you need help in its completion, use this easy-to-use guide

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