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19 October 2016

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Following the success of Born Free’s photographic exhibition in the European Parliament last week, the award-winning Canadian photojournalist, Jo-Anne McArthur, has released news of her new publication, CAPTIVE. Seeking to expose, and end the plight of millions of wild animals in captivity, CAPTIVE will include a Preface by Virginia McKenna OBE and a selection of the photographs from Born Free’s Parliament exhibition. McArthur has announced an opportunity for people to pre-purchase the book, in order to pay for the publication’s production.

In partnership with the Born Free Foundation, McArthur has travelled across Europe to capture the lives of wild animals in many zoos and aquaria. Incredible work that, together with equally poignant photographs by Britta Jaschinski, is supporting Born Free’s efforts to expose the substandard conditions for animals in European zoos.

CAPTIVE combines the photographs taken at European zoos this summer with photographs taken over a 10 year period, of animals at captive facilities across the world. The lives of individual animals who have died in captivity will be remembered and the future of lives of millions more, will be recognised, in the hope that their plight will provoke change and improvements.  

“We’re at an important point in history right now. More than ever, ordinary people are thinking about the ethics of keeping animals in captivity for our entertainment. This reflection will help propel us into a new era of (re)considering our relationship with other animals. ‘CAPTIVE’ aims to be a part of these important discussions,” shares Jo-Anne McArthur.

Jo-Anne is sharing a visual insight into the content of CAPTIVE through her Indie GoGo page and is asking people to pre-order the books in advance in order to generate the funds needed to produce, print, and distribute the book as a full-colored paperback. She is hoping to raise $20,000.

The Born Free Foundation hopes to stock CAPTIVE in its online shop in 2017


Members of the public have an opportunity to improve the conditions for animals in European zoos by contributing to a public consultation (hosted by the European Commission) ( To guide you through the questionnaire, please refer to this easy-to-use guide  (

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