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Born Free Foundation is an international wildlife charity, founded by Virginia McKenna and Bill Travers following their starring roles in the classic film Born Free. Today, led by their son Will Travers, Born Free is working worldwide for wild animal welfare and compassionate conservation.

Born Free supports and manages a diverse range of projects and campaigns. We embrace both compassion and science in setting an agenda that seeks to influence, inspire and encourage a change in public opinion away from keeping wild animals in captivity while, in the short term, working with governments, the travel industry and like minded organisations to seek compliance with existing legislation and improve the welfare conditions for wild animals currently held in zoos. Via our Compassionate Conservation agenda (, we provide protection for threatened species and their habitats across the globe. Working with local communities, Born Free develops humane solutions to ensure that people and wildlife can live together without conflict.


ENDCAP is a European coalition of 27 NGOs and wildlife professionals from 20 European countries that specialise in the welfare and protection of wild animals in captivity. Working with the European Institutions, national governments and experts, ENDCAP aims to improve knowledge and understanding of the needs of wild animals in captivity, uphold current legislation and seek higher standards, whilst challenging the concept of keeping wild animals in captivity.

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EU Zoo Inquiry 2011

Project Manager: Daniel Turner Bsc (Hons) CBiol MSB. A biologist.

Daniel is Senior Operations Officer for the Born Free Foundation and has worked for the organisation since 2000, following two year’s voluntary work in field conservation projects overseas. He is part of the team responsible for developing and managing Born Free’s agenda for captive wild animal welfare, under the auspices for the Organisation’s core project, Zoo Check.

Produced for the ENDCAP coalition by international wildlife charity the Born Free Foundation, Charity No: 1070906

The Born Free Foundation wishes to thank the following for their help and support in delivering the EU Zoo Inquiry 2011: all ENDCAP Member Organisations; Agnieszka Sergiel; Alice Stroud; Bill Procter; Blas Cernuda; Jaume Riera; Leonor Galhardo; Marcos Garcia-Gasco Romeo; Mike Dooley; Mirjana Plavac, Nina Kanderian; Robert Maslak; Tamara Miczki; and Thomas Brzostowski.

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