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9 November 2017

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It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to all things festive. With shops starting to display magical snow scenes, reindeer and penguins appear in the form of models, animations, merchandise and illustrations all over the country. But some businesses each year go a step further and feature live reindeer or penguins at their events, and this is something that we believe must be brought to an end.

While they may seem familiar, both reindeer and penguins are wild animals and are not native to the United Kingdom. They have specialised needs, including the need to live in the right climate and the need to eat a specialised diet. Research has shown that reindeer do not thrive when kept in this country and mortality rates are worryingly high.

And one thing that is certainly not natural for these animals is being used in loud, chaotic Christmas events, where they might be made to interact with members of the public; something which may cause stress. Not just that, but the animals might have to travel long distances in order to appear in these types of events; this too can be distressing for them. This year, we are calling for event organisers to leave wild animals out of their plans so that everyone - people and animals - can enjoy a happy and healthy festive season.

The Born Free Foundation is supporting the ongoing campaign by our friends at the Captive Animals’ Protection Society (CAPS) to end the use of live reindeer and penguins at Christmas events. If you find out about an event with these animals happening near you this year, please contact CAPS directly on Together, we can bring an end to these sad and unnecessary events.

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