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Zoo ‘refurbishment’ receives Lottery funding

12 October 2017

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As London Zoo recently unveiled their £7.8 million plans to transform the ‘Snowdon Aviary’, which was built in 1962 and has a Grade II listing, into a ‘walk-through’ primate enclosure, housing monkeys, parrots and antelope, it has been reported that the Zoo has received a £4.5 million grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This fund is intended to distribute money raised by National Lottery players ‘to help people across the UK explore, enjoy and protect the heritage they care about’. 

Born Free’s Chris Draper said: “Nearly eight million pounds is a staggering sum to throw at an animal enclosure, and the revelation that more than half of this sum is coming from a fund for good causes supported by the National Lottery may come as a surprise to many people who buy a lotto ticket each week. In recent years, London Zoo has spent many millions of pounds on animal enclosures for gorillas, lions, tigers and more. There is no doubt that their animals deserved substantially better living quarters, but whether these costly developments really delivered on that is open to question. This resembles a bottomless pit of redevelopment, and we must ask whether these vast sums would be better spent on keeping wildlife where it belongs – in the wild. We often hear that zoos must invest in infrastructure to encourage fundraising, and that they use funds that would not otherwise be available for conservation. But the costs of continually building and rebuilding zoos inevitably start to dwarf any conservation dividend, especially the meagre or non-existent contributions from the vast majority of zoos.”

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