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Victory in Vancouver

16 May 2017

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Key vote ends the keeping of whales and dolphins at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

After months of debate, consolidations and demonstrations, the Vancouver Park Board commissioners voted 6 to 1 to ban cetacean captivity at the Vancouver Aquarium. Furthermore, they amended the park bylaw to end captivity immediately, with the three cetaceans currently at the Aquarium to remain, but not allowed to perform. 

The Aquarium has apparently vowed to continue battling the bylaw and has apparently threatened to sue the Park Board. 

"Born Free welcomes the news from Vancouver, which provides further support for global efforts to end the captivity of cetaceans in captivity," said Samantha Goddard of Born Free. "Science is conclusive, cetaceans in captivity suffer from restrictive environments and shortened lives, and we seek a dolphinaria-free world."

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