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Capture of elephant calves and other animals in Zimbabwe

9 December 2014

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Born Free Foundation is alarmed by recent news reports of the round-up of wild animals in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, for sale to foreign zoos.

According to the reports, 34 elephant calves, seven lion cubs and ten sable antelope have been captured by the Zimbabwean authorities, and are being held in quarantine before being sold off to the highest bidder – rumoured to include captive facilities in China and/or the United Arab Emirates.

This horrific action condemns the young animals to a miserable and all-too-often foreshortened live in captivity. It is also devastating for their family  groups from which they have been removed, and robs the Zimbabwean people of their natural heritage and the opportunity to generate income through responsible wildlife tourism.

Zimbabwe has done this before. In 2012, four elephant calves were torn from their families and shipped off to Chinese zoos. To our knowledge only one still survives, and this calf is in very poor health. Only a huge international public outcry prevented Zimbabwe from exporting more elephant calves in 2013.

Born Free has written to the Zimbabwean authorities to express our concerns, and to urge them to reconsider their actions and rehabilitate the captured animals.

You can see our letter at this link.

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